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Production execution

Manufacturing software

Manufacturing software

Would like to see the easy to use Manufacturing software which excels in the speed, flexibility and best practices of the best manufacturers?   Manufacturing...

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production scheduling software

Production scheduling software for small business

Production scheduling software for small business as simple as possible With our experience of production scheduling in big international manufacturing enterprises we wanted to make...

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E Kanban Software

E-kanban software for Fortune 500 manufacturers

Functionality of Productoo® e kanban software E Kanban software Productoo designed for Fortune 500 companies. SAP connected. Drag & Drop functions. Running of 5 continentes. Global support. MES...

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Digital Workstation in Production Planning and Execution

Production planning and control done with no waste of time

Production planning and control executed in seconds We have experience from the real manufacturing life, that the production planning process can take a lot of...

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Production Scheduling | Short Term production planning

Production Planning Module SAP connected to Productoo

Production planning module SAP A lot of our customers use SAP as their ERP software. Our consultants have been implementing SAP PP (Production Planning module...

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Production Digitization

From the new normal to the new future

The New Normal We live in a world only few of us could imagine at the beginning of the year. Just a few months ago,...

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Paperless factory

How Trees, Software and Gen Y/Z match together

Trees vs. Factory Honestly, I didn’t know that. You need to cut down 1 tree (which had to spend 70 years on the Earth to...

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No muda production factory model

No muda production in digital era

Digitalisation and Muda You can see a lot of articles about Digitalisation and how important it is. Then you see a lot of articles how...

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Production Planning in Excel

Production planning in excel is over

Production planning in excel as the main leader of the last 20 years We could see the production planning in excel as the number one...

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