Production Planning Module SAP connected to Productoo

Production Scheduling | Short Term production planning

Production planning module SAP

A lot of our customers use SAP as their ERP software. Our consultants have been implementing SAP PP (Production Planning module SAP) within the last decade. It is a robust tool with a lot of customizing and options.

We wanted to create the liaison between Long Term Production PlanningShort Term Production PlanningManufacturing Execution smoother, easier to understand and use. And more flexible as well. Rework it to a all-in-one simple tool in which you can plan the Monthly, Weekly and Daily buckets within a few minutes. And drill-down to shifts and production lines operational planning.


Long-term production planning (MPS, SOP)

As the Long term production planning starts with SOP (monthly) planning and continues with the MPS (weekly) planning – we start the same way in Productoo. And we use the same planning objects:

Production Planning Long Term Productoo

Production Planning Long Term Productoo


Short-term Production Planning

Those above mentioned MPS (Long-Term) quantities are then transferred to Short term planning scheduling. Instantly you can start work with the Daily/Shift scheduler:

Short Term parallel production planning


Execution of the Production Planning at the shopfloor

Once the Long term and Short term planning quantities are planned it is instantly and automatically distributed to the Digital workstation screen at the shopfloor.

Digital workstation at the shopfloor of manufacturing plant

Digital workstation at the shopfloor of manufacturing plant


Connection with the SAP system

All the above mentioned screens and features are connected with the SAP system at the background.

It means that the data like:

are connected and transferred automatically between the SAP and the Productoo system.