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E-kanban software for Fortune 500 manufacturers

E Kanban Software

Functionality of Productoo® e kanban software

E Kanban software Productoo designed for Fortune 500 companies. SAP connected. Drag & Drop functions. Running of 5 continentes. Global support. MES connected.

Productoo e-kanban software is part of the Manufacturing 4.0 Smart Factory Software Productoo Suite which involves:


Live demo ready for you

Our skilled consultants are ready to help you compare Productoo eKanban with other products (Plant MaintenanceDigital Twin software). They can also provide assistance with the feasibility study of the Productoo eKanban implementation in your factory.



“Running on 5 Continents. Global Support. Designed for Fortune 500 Companies.“



What the electronic kanban software looks like

The GUI was designed to be very friendly and easy to operate. It also provides a great experience to managers, giving them an instant overview of the production and delays:

E Kanban Software

E Kanban Software


Shift Planning Easy and Intuitive

Very intuitive and easy is the Shift planning with two main planning strategies:


No more paperwork

Just switch your papers and rather tough administration of paper kanbans for a brand new kanban software application Productoo®.

“No paperwork. No mess. Just your tablet, cell phone or computer.”

We have also prepared a demo version of Productoo kanban software® so that you can try it anywhere, anytime.


“Productoo runs on any device: PC, Mac, tablet and any platform: iOS, Android, Windows.“


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