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Production Tracking

Improves transparency, reduces stock and lead times

Optimizes efficiency and reduces costs by providing real-time insights into operations and inventory management. This enhanced visibility and responsiveness to market demands gives companies a significant competitive advantage.

    Starting at

  • 500€ / month for basic
  • 1,500€ / month for advanced analytics and integration capabilities

Production Planning

Enhances efficiency, reduces planning time, and increases reliability

Streamlines efficiency and minimizes planning time, ensuring reliable and timely output. This strategic approach aligns resources with demand, boosting a company’s overall performance and market responsiveness.

    Starting at

  • 850€ / month for standard
  • 1,950€ / month for premium with AI-driven optimization

Production Execution

Digitizes shop floor operations, improves team empowerment

Transforms shop floor operations through digitization, streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency. It empowers teams with real-time data, enhancing decision-making and responsiveness.

    Starting at

  • 1,000€ / month for core features
  • 2,250€ / month for comprehensive integration with IoT devices

Internal Logistics

Streamlines logistic operations, prevents material shortages

Optimizes logistic operations, ensuring smooth material flow and preventing shortages. This streamlined approach enhances operational efficiency, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

    Starting at

  • 600€ / month for basic logistics
  • 1,800€ / month for full supply chain integration

Maintenance Management

Reduces downtime, extends asset life

Minimizes downtime and prolongs asset life, ensuring optimal equipment performance. This approach leads to increased reliability and efficiency in operations, reducing overall maintenance costs.

    Starting at

  • 850€ / month for corrective maintenance scheduling
  • 1,300€ / for full maintenance capabilities including spare parts and preventive tasks

Digital Twin

Provides real-time operational insights, supports strategic decisions

Offers real-time insights into operations, enabling data-driven strategic decisions. By mirroring physical assets digitally, it enhances understanding and forecasting, leading to improved operational efficiency and innovation.

    Starting at

  • 790€ / month for standard visualization
  • 1,490€ / month for advanced simulation and analytics

Implementation Fees

Covers setup, customization, training for seamless integration

Includes costs for initial setup, personalization, and educational sessions to ensure smooth adoption and maximized utility. Facilitates optimal configuration and user proficiency.

    Starting at

  • Basic Setup: 5,000€
    – Covers standard setup and basic training.
  • Advanced Integration: 10,000€ to 20,000€
    – For custom integration with existing systems
  • Training & Support: 2,500€
    – For comprehensive training sessions and initial support

What are the benefits of demand-driven planning?
No more overproduction, stock/inventory levels optimization, right-size/optimal batches, producing (just) in time.

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