Digital Workstation

Smart manufacturing execution system for shopfloor digitization.

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Going paperless on the shopfloor significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of your production. Empower your teams with a manufacturing execution system by Productoo!

All-in-one interface

Everything you need for smart paperless manufacturing - from working instructions to production declaration to operator skill matrix management.

Real-time status

Digital Workstation is your source of real-time production data. Whether you are a planner, supervisor or manager, you always know what's going on and if you're meeting your plan.

Reliability and speed

No paper means faster and more accurate processes. Avoid incorrect operation, reduce scrap rate, produce efficiently. Save about 35% time by going digital!

Flexibility & connectivity

Digital Workstation communicates with other Productoo modules. 3rd party software integration is also possible, as well as machine connection via API.

Manual or automatic production declaration

Production schedule updated in real time. Workers are not allowed to make any changes.

Operators are notified of any changes. Background color serves as andon signalization.

Real-time connection with the production floor

Stop worrying about mixed up orders or late deliveries and stay up to speed!

  • Electronic sequencer provides information about upcoming orders

  • If the production plan changes, operators receive an instant update via the notification center

  • Manual or automatic production declaration generates accurate, real-time data

  • Digital andon keeps you informed about any issue from delays to low stock levels to breakdowns

Step-by-step instructions reduce the risk of scrap and improper operation.

BOM can be displayed as a tree diagram or a chart and operators are notified of any changes.

Upload pictures of the product and its parts for a visual quality check.

Relevant information at hand = faster flow, less scrap

Make sure operators know exactly how to proceed without having to use any paper documents and manuals!

  • Working instructions and bill of material are displayed automatically based on the current material.

  • Regular visual and quality checks help increase the quality of your products.

  • Store and access relevant documentation and multimedia files.

If there is any issue, it's easy to report it and trigger an escalation process.

OEE dashboard allows you to select a time range and calculate the OEE value based on collected data.

A detailed breakdown is available for a root cause analysis of reduced efficiency.

Efficient production with minimal downtime

Reduce production downtime and understand your OEE!

  • Record the cause of an issue directly on the shopfloor

  • Raise a maintenance request and start an escalation process within seconds.

  • A detailed OEE dashboard displays real-time values directly at each production line, giving you an instant overview of your performance.

Based on the operator skill matrix, the Digital Workstation knows which operators are qualified to operate the machine and do the job.

Online/offline status of each operator is available

All events are logged and can be traced easily in the notification center and in various reports..

Focus on the people

Have the right people do the right jobs and minimize issues caused by improper operation!

  • Only competent and qualified people are allowed to operate the equipment - the Digital Workstation automatically checks the skill matrix for you

  • See which operators are currently online and get a real-time overview of the capacities

  • Use the data to track employee performance

Check out the complete overview of features:

Product Advisor Behind great products are great people

Matej Uchytil Lean management and process optimization

Matej has first-hand experience from lots of production plants, and has used his knowledge to help design a shopfloor solution that helps production teams get their job done more efficiently.

“I've never seen it all, from outdated paper manuals and papers randomly lying around workstations to mixed-up or lost production orders. Digital Workstation changes everything. It really gives you everything you need for smooth production.”

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Connectivity Connectivity & integration possibilities

Make the most of the Productoo Smart Factory Suite and consider implementing this module with the other parts of the ecosystem!

Production planning

Create an optimal production plan and get real-time feedback from the shopfloor using the Digital Workstation.

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Production tracking

Get an overview of your manufacturing process and optimize your performance based on the data.

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Internal logistics

Make sure your material is always at the right place and time - based on the plan as well as current production status.

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Maintenance management

Use the Digital Workstation to report an issue and make sure it's taken care of with the CMMS module.

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Digital twin | Factory Cockpit

Follow all important KPIs related to production orders and workstations in the digital twin of your factory (e.g. OEE).

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3rd party integration

Maximize your use of the Digital Workstation and integrate it with your ERP, MES, QMS and other solutions via an API. Machine connection is also possible.

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