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Performance monitoring

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Introduction Monitor performance in real time & spend less time reporting

Staying updated on your production performance is essential for your business. But you don’t want to waste too much time trying to get the right information.

Use Production Tracker to monitor all your production items in real time. Display graphs and generate reports about different aspects of your value streams within seconds. Need to check KPIs from all systems and apps that you use in your plant? Log in Factory Cockpit, a 3D tool for factory management.

Real-time tracking

Display all your workstations on one dashboard and easily monitor the status of your production in real time.

Door-to-door process monitoring

A detailed overview of the entire process from the receiving of a material to shipping. Display all the production items at all stages in the selected time range. Having the right data at the right time means you can make the right decisions!

Sample report: Lead time chart

A number of reporting options are available. For example, get a breakdown of your lead times in a nice, visual form as well as a standard table. Each bar represents a material/batch, each color represents time spent at a particular stage (workstation, quality lab etc.)

Stock monitoring

Stay on track with the current utilization of your stocks and use this information to optimize your storage capacity!

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