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Introduction Lean manufacturing software for increased production efficiency

The concept of lean manufacturing consists of a set of principles that help increase production effectivity and reduce costs. The word “lean” refers to the fact that waste (such as inventory and waiting time) is minimized. Items are produced only when customers demand them, and as efficiently as possible. Learn how lean manufacturing software by Productoo can help you achieve that!



Kanban and pull system

Essential tools for WIP control

The kanban method regulates the flow of material by introducing cards that indicate when more goods are needed. This way there is no need for large inventories, material is prepared based on actual customer demand. This also leads to reduced waiting times. When a customer order comes in, a kanban is created and enters the production process. As soon as production is finished, the goods are shipped to the customer.

Productoo offers an extensive functionality that allows for multi-level production planning, scheduling and execution. Kanban with automatic material replenishment (especially for semi-finished goods), demand-driven planning and other pull flow principles are supported. The Digital Workstation provides realtime feedback from the shopfloor. This way there is no time lag between material consumption and replenishment triggers. We can also take care of your internal logistic processes such as line feeding and picking and make sure you don't waste your resources there either.

Waste identification & elimination

Identify wastes, reduce scrap and rework, be faster and more efficient!

Making sure no mistakes are made is one of the best ways to increase production efficiency. Whether it is a lack of raw material for production, downtime due to equipment failures, or any kind of quality defects, errors lead to unnecessary delays and, consequently, to extra costs. How do you find out where the most mistakes are made? By analysing the production process and identifying the bottlenecks.

Productoo automates and optimizes your production operations from planning to execution to maintenance. Operators use the Digital Workstation which is a user friendly interface with all the right information. Analyze your production with Production Tracker and get important insights into the manufacturing process.

Analyze before you optimize! You need to have the right data in order to make informed decisions about possible improvements.

Easy access to the right data

Don't waste time looking for information!

A lot of time is wasted searching for the right data and communicating it across the factory – especially with paper-based systems. Visual indicators and notifications help you get a quick overview of the current situation and all production KPIs you’re interested in – anywhere, anytime. One of the most commonly used methods is andon, a visual signaling system that uses colors to bring immediate attention to important issues.

Productoo solutions are intuitive and provide you with a quick access to relevant data. The andon-based alert system informs you when something is going on. There is one simple rule: “Red is bad.” Based on the situation and user, red could mean delay, material shortage, low OEE, breakdown. There is no need to search for information: you are always notified at the right time.

The right person has access to the right data at the right place and time.

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