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Internal logistics

Material flow control: from the warehouse to expedition.

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Internal logistics optimization is the key to lean production. Stop wasting your resources with a material flow control module by Productoo.

Waste elimination

Eliminate unnecessary transport, waiting or excess inventory. Lean logistics means the right material is at the right place and time.

Real-time feedback

Real-time updates about the production progress allow you to be flexible, adjust to changes quickly and prevent issues from escalating.

Lead time reduction

Waste elimination helps you reduce lead time significantly. Achieve a connected flow without unnecessary stoppages!

Inventory optimization

If you have the right information about upcoming production, you can optimize your inventory and use up less storage capacity.

Number of kanban cards in the loop

Material group selection

Kanban status

Efficient production stock management

Control your WIP and stay informed about material consumption!

  • Future consumption of material inputs is available at one click so you can prevent unnecessary production stoppages. It also helps you utilize your stock capacity more efficiently.

  • The kanban loop dashboard gives you a clear overview of the status of your semi-finished goods production. This allows you to control your work-in-progress by keeping a limited number of items in the loop.

Production schedule is updated in real time. This minimizes mistakes in line feeding.

Line feeders see the list of materials to be prepared and confirm the preparation with these buttons.

It's possible to add any comments.

Real-time line feeding

Keep your line feeders on track!

  • Line feeders have access to the current production plan in order to see how much material needs to be brought to production lines and when.

  • A checklist is available for a clear overview of what's left to prepare.

  • All is optimized for tablets so your team can stay mobile and updated on the go.

Logistic leveling scenario helps you create optimal picking loops.

Monitor the capacity of your picking loops.

Picking of finished materials

Optimize your picking process!

  • Once materials are produced, they should be picked and transported to the warehouse or to the expedition area. Productoo optimizes the number of items to be picked (= logistic leveling) so you utilize the capacity of your logistic equipment efficiently in each picking loop.

  • Pickers see where they need to pick the items and where to transport them. They confirm each step using action buttons.

Real-time truck image monitor

No more mixed up or late deliveries!

  • The Truck Image Monitor informs you about all upcoming shipments as well as your expedition history.

  • You can clearly see the progress of the preparation of each outbound delivery.

  • This way you can make sure your goods are ready and shipped on time.

Check out the complete overview of features:

Product Advisor Behind great products are great people

Matej Uchytil Lean management and process optimization

Matej has a strong background in lean management and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.

“By using real-time information about production progress, we help manufacturers achieve smooth, demand-driven material flow which eliminates unnecessary transportation, excess inventory, waiting and searching time. The tool also enables a more efficient use of human resources and logistic equipment."

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Connectivity Connectivity & integration possibilities

Make the most of the Productoo Smart Factory Suite and consider implementing this module with the other parts of the ecosystem!

Production planning

Optimize your material flow based on the plan and make sure your logistic teams always have up-to-date information about production.

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Digital Workstation

Digital Workstation provides real-time feedback about production progress, which is key to lean internal logistics. It also speeds up the entire flow.

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Factory Cockpit

Monitor your internal logistics processes in the digital twin of your plant. Set your own KPI severity limits and receive real-time notifications.

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Maintenance management

Take good care of your logistic equipment with Productoo CMMS. Preventive maintenance, issue reporting and other features are available.

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Production tracking

The tracking module is all about material flow. It provides all sorts of statistical data that can be further used for internal logistics optimization.

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3rd party software integration

Integrate the module not only with an ERP system but also WMS to have a full control over the material and information flow in your plant. Realtime data are available to all who need them.

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