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Introduction Learn how to measure and improve OEE with smart manufacturing solutions!

There are several ways to improve OEE, an important business metric. You probably know a thing or two about OEE and what stands behind it, but let’s take a moment to revise some basics. Knowing the OEE value is important for one reason in particular: it allows you to find out about your losses, to identify the bottlenecks in your value stream.

Generally, losses are related to the following factors of the manufacturing process:

  • availability – the machine could have run but didn’t (e.g. due to repairs, changeovers, absent operators or a lack of material)
  • production – the machine produced less goods than expected (i.e. it worked at a slower pace due to a lack of maintenance or incorrect operation)
  • quality – the machine produced enough goods but they didn’t meet the quality requirements (both scrapped and rework products fall into this category).


OEE dashboard

OEE is not just about the number. It's necessary to understand the root causes of efficiency losses. This is what the OEE dashboard on the Digital Workstation provides you with.

  • Select time range.
  • Analyze the breakdown of the values over time.
  • Pace deviations, maintenance time, insufficient product quality - these are all considered in the calculation.


Understand your value streams!

Use the Production Tracking module and Factory Cockpit to find out everything you need about your value streams.

  • Collect statistical data.
  • Identify bottlenecks.
  • Use the tools for continuous evaluation.


Planning optimization based on real data

Use the data to optimize your planning and create plans that reflect the actual capacity and demand. The planning tool allows you to automate planning and scheduling operations.

  • Automatic scheduling scenarios that help use the production capacity efficiently
  • Poka-yoke work order distribution
  • Quick plan adjustments

Execute & collect

Paperless execution, realtime data

The Digital Workstation provides you with all you need for paperless production. How does it affect your OEE?

  • Paperless management helps minimize mistakes and increases the reliability of processes.
  • Operators have all the information in one place which helps them work more efficiently.
  • Digital Workstation allows you to collect realtime data that are used for visualisation and analysis.

Final step? Efficient maintenance that helps extend your asset lifecycle. Check out our CMMS to see how easily you can create preventive plans, report issues and perform maintenance jobs.

How to improve OEE? Analyze your manufacturing process, collect the right data, optimize your planning, focus on improving your maintenance operations.

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