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Production planning

Automated planning and scheduling software. Smart and efficient.

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Most manufacturers still use paper and spreadsheets for planning, which isn't very efficient or reliable. Transform your manufacturing with production planning software by Productoo!

High flexibility

Connect the solution to your ERP system or use it as a standalone tool. Multiple production strategies are supported to meet different requirements.

Realtime feedback

Combine the planning module with the Digital Workstation to see if you're meeting the plan. Realtime feedback about production progress is a true game-changer!

Reliability & speed

Paperless management means fewer mistakes and faster information flow. Work order distribution to the shopfloor or adjustments of the production plan take just seconds.

Great user experience

Enjoy the incredible ease of use and the benefits of automated functionalities. Drag & drop, touch control, intuitive customization are all part of the package.

From MPS to detailed scheduling

Flexiblity & multiple production strategies

  • Push and pull flow, min-max planning or kanban for replenishment, demand driven planning... you name it, we have it. Productoo is flexible!

  • From mid-term planning to day-to-day, minute-to-minute scheduling - manual or automatic

  • Integrate with ERP to receive production orders or create them in Productoo (and not just for finished but also semi-finished products).

  • Production stock management allows you to stay on track with your material levels and generate reports for purchasing.

Production queue with changeovers, maintenance breaks etc.

Red color indicates that the item won't be produced in time and should be rescheduled.

Production lines to be displayed are based on user roles.

Drag & drop detailed scheduling

Instant creation of the production plan

  • Manual (drag & drop) or automatic plan adjustments

  • Red is bad! Andon signalization shows you when things don't go as planned so you can react quickly.

  • Poka yoke all the way! Based on the workstation/material/operation matrix, the systems won't allow you to make a mistake - such as assigning a material to the wrong production line.

  • See and manage changeovers and other production breaks including planned maintenance.

Various automatic and semi-automatic scenarios are available. E.g. one for changeovers optimization and production leveling.

The system checks the availability of material inputs and gives you andon warnings.

Estimated production time is automatically calculated based on the cycle time and current situation.

Shift management allows you to plan your capacities.

Automated planning and scheduling

Save time by letting Productoo do some of the work!

  • Automatic sequencing and re-sequencing based on given priorities through MRP, production schedules, supplier schedules, Min/Max planning or kanban for replenishment

  • Production leveling to minimize sudden peaks in the production schedule

  • Flexible reporting tool - reports can be sent automatically to your ERP and to responsible people

  • Shift management

Multilevel planning, reinvented

Create production plans for finished products and semi-finished goods!

  • Achieve a 100% pull flow with demand-driven production.

  • The BOM chart/tree diagram has information about required materials and their stock levels.

  • Based on BOM, the system automatically creates a plan for the upstream workstations, respecting material yield values and, if required, also existing WIP buffer.

  • Alternative routings and input materials are supported.

Production schedule is updated in real time.

Manual or automatic production declaration generates real-time data and serves as a feedback for planners.

It's possible to report any issues immediately.

Real-time shopfloor feedback

Stay in touch with your production so that you can make quick adjustments and prevent issues from escalating!

  • Instant distribution of the plan to the shopfloor. Operators are notified of any changes in real time on the Digital Workstation.

  • Once a production item is completed, the planner sees that immediately. No need to wait until next day for updates!

  • Breakdowns, missing components etc. are reported and escalated instantly. This helps you avoid unnecessary stoppages.

Check out the complete overview of features:

Product Advisor Behind great products are great people

Jan Melena Product development

Jan is familiar with all sorts of production processes, planning strategies and the aspects of their digitization.

"Our manufacturing clients want efficient yet simple tools with great UX. Over the years, we've put a lot of effort in achieving just that. Today, the planning functionality is so flexible (especially in terms of supported production strategies and integration possibilities) that it can meet the needs of almost any manufacturer."

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Connectivity Connectivity & integration possibilities

Make the most of the Productoo Smart Factory Suite and consider implementing the module with the other parts of the ecosystem!

Digital Workstation

The module provides realtime connection with the shopfloor. Distribute the production plan instantly, stay informed about production and potential issues.

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Production tracking

The tracking module offers useful insights into your production process. Use them to identify the bottlenecks and optimize your planning!

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Internal logistics

Make sure your warehouse workers, line feeders and other staff know the material requirements and are notified of any changes and updates.

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Maintenance management

Align your maintenance and production planning! Your production teams will know of all planned maintenance jobs as well as breakdowns.

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Factory Cockpit

Follow KPIs related to production in the digital twin of your factory. Delays, number of operators, OEE values... Nothing will get past you!

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3rd party software integration

Integrate the module with your ERP system and synchronize all operational data (order status, material consumption etc.). Integration with other systems (WMS, MES, QMS...) is possible too.

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