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Detailed scheduling

Smart, automated production planning and scheduling tool.

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Introduction Detailed scheduling & automated production planning software

Detailed scheduling, which results in a day-to-day (or even minute-to-minute) production schedule, can be a demanding activity. The creation of an optimal plan requires precision, agility, and a number of various factors need to be considered – such as production priority, changeover time, or shift capacity. A detailed scheduling software tool that automates these operations enables you to achieve higher production efficiency – and to use your human resources in a smarter way.

Distribution of production items

Create the production plan in one minute!

Production orders are received from the ERP system or created manually here - and distributed to production lines within seconds. The system itself checks the availability of the production line and creates the plan for all the workstations that are related to the order. No mistakes can be made during the assignment. Did you ever think creating a production plan could be this easy?

Artificial planner

Automated planning and scheduling

Do you want to do the detailed scheduling manually? Go for it! But if you could use a little help, the artificial planner is at your service. You can choose from several automatic and semi-automatic planning scenarios. Each of them takes the required finish time into account, so you will have the goods ready on time. The feature can be used for all production lines or just a few of them  - it's completely up to you. Set it up easily with one click in the customization.

Parallel planning (balancing)

Quick and easy plan adjustments

Any changes in the production plan can be done within a few seconds - just by moving the work orders from one line to another by drag & drop. Operators are notified instantly on their Digital Workstation.

  • andon notifications of production progress and possible issues (e.g. delays)
  • manual and automatic options
  • access to data based on user roles

Real-time shopfloor connection

Paperless shopfloor = higher reliability and speed

Digital Workstation is an intuitive interface for the production floor. Operators can display incoming work orders (distributed from the planning module in real time), documentation, declare production… all using one screen!

  • electronic sequencer
  • production declaration and issue reporting
  • working instructions and documentation
Fine-tuning your detailed schedule can be easy with the right tool. Real-time shopfloor feedback is the true game-changer!

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