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Production planning and control done with no waste of time

Digital Workstation in Production Planning and Execution

Production planning and control executed in seconds

We have experience from the real manufacturing life, that the production planning process can take a lot of time in average manufacturing plant. Average manufacturing plant we consider a plant with 500 to 1 000 employees.

From hours to minutes

There are several options how to make the create the production plan and distribute it to the workers at the shopfloor:

From our practical process takes several hours a week of several employees. We faced the challenge to minimise that total time needed for creation and distribution of production plan. And its execution in the shopfloor as well.


Production planning and execution in minutes


The connection between Production planner and Worker is essential

In case we don’t let the Planner communicate the Production plan and its changes instantly, with no delay, to the hundreds of workers in the typical manufacturing plant, then we have a problem.

Typically this problem is solved by hiring several employees more for analysis of the planning and distribution to the shopfloor. It means activities and waste time like:


Production planning and control can be done easier

For you and now is possible: to create the production plan in several minutes by help of the Productoo Artificial Planner. And then you can immediately share the production plan to the your hundreds of workers by Productoo Digital Workstation:

Production planning and control

Production planning and control


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