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Manufacturing software

Manufacturing software

Would like to see the easy to use Manufacturing software which excels in the speed, flexibility and best practices of the best manufacturers?


Manufacturing software for the most flexible companies

We have been working to develop a manufacturing software which is changing the way you manage a factory. Philosophy defined by Productoo and its first customer was to create a software which is:


Manufacturing software by Productoo

Manufacturing software by Productoo


Manufacturing tasks executed and distributed in seconds

The goal of Productoo software is to enable your:

to join their effort and understand the manufacturing KPIs immediately and be able react instantly.

In real life it means that you can execute the production planning just by moving the production order from left to right on the tablet screen. Or to instantly all your manufacturing KPIs at one place (screen).

When any decision is done then it is automatically distributed to all responsible people. It means again not only a particular team, we are speaking about all the people in:


Production Planning and Execution with Productoo

Production Planning and Execution with Productoo


Do I need any software more?

Productoo covers the whole Door 2 Door manufacturing process. It involves these main manufacturing processes:


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