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Every industry faces different challenges. Our know-how is based on years of experience working with different manufacturing companies. Productoo is a flexible solution that is suited for a range of processes and strategies.

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Valeo has selected Productoo to become the group supplier for production planning digitization. The solution has helped the teams at over 90 plants to achieve significant time savings, both in planning operations and on the shopfloor (by at least 35%). They have also increased the reliability of the processes and reduced inventory. Moreover, the teams work and communicate much faster now.

The production team at Franke, a major kitchen equipment manufacturer, has benefited from production planning digitization. Their complex manual calculations have been replaced with an artificial planning tool - the scheduling is based on a given set of rules and done withing seconds. The staff have managed to reduce the time needed for planning significantly by automating the process.

The top-tier pharmaceutical manufacturer decided to implement the production tracking solution due to a lack of transparency of their material flow. It has provided them with an easy access to production data, and the possibility to identify bottlenecks and potential issues easily. They have managed to reduce stock as well as and the average lead time. Moreover, the users appreciate the agility and flexibility of the reporting tool.

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