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How Trees, Software and Gen Y/Z match together

Paperless factory

Trees vs. Factory

Honestly, I didn’t know that. You need to cut down 1 tree (which had to spend 70 years on the Earth to grow) to produce approx 8K papers of A4 format. In other words you have to destroy 70 years of a tree life to produce 8,300 papers which will end up in a trash bin.

It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? It was never important to me, as I use a tablet instead of paper in my daily job. But then my colleagues noticed that approximately a similar number of papers was used each and every day in an average plant of our customers just to distribute the work orders to production lines!

365 trees disappear in 1 year because of 1 plant old-school way of working.

The funnier thing is that nobody wants to spend their life printing, delivering, then correcting and again printing, delivering… of what should be produced several times a day.


And then we noticed it. Trees vs. Gen y/z.

Our younger colleagues who were born in the 90s (gen y/z) find it essential that they contribute to the creation and deployment of software which replaces paper in factories. Which creates Paperless factories.

Gen y/z and its relation to environment

Gen y/z and its relation to environment

I mean it is not as important to create software for our Gen Y/Z colleagues. It is important to change something for the better by the creation of that (manufacturing) software.


As simple as that

You get out of bed for several reasons in the morning. Then you go to work for several reasons.

I don’t want to challenge any reason mentioned above and how important it is. Just think about what we can offer to the young guys and ladies, why they should get out of bed.

It is hard to imagine that you can continue forcing Gen Y/Z young people to spend 8 hours a day chasing data in Excel and some old fashioned table things created when they were born. And then print it.


Not to be necessarily philosophical

I really like paper. And I use it when necessary. We have proved in more than 100 factories that paper is not necessary in their production flow.

Everybody usually likes happy endings. So let’s go that way:

If you want to make young Gen Y/Z happy and save trees, then implement Productoo Digital Workshop software. Now when we know what Gen Y/Z, trees and software have in common, just let’s use that information and go ahead.

Very easy and simple. And by the way it looks great:

OEE dashboard

OEE dashboard

No paper work orders anymore:

Sharing information in digital manufacturing (with no muda o sharing)

Sharing information in digital manufacturing (with no muda o sharing)

And in case you are wondering, you don’t save just trees. You save money (a lot) as well.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

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