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Introduction Kanban software

Kanban is a technique that was developed by the engineers at Toyota with an important aim: to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Since then, it has become widely used not only in the automotive but also other industrial sectors. As one of the key methods of lean manufacturing, the kanban system enables efficient production scheduling and material movement based on customer requests. Kanban cards are used to indicate when more goods are needed. In other words, you only produce when it is required and thus avoid unnecessary inventory. 

Industry 4.0 and e-kanban

Benefits of digitization

Digital solutions have started replacing the traditional paper-based ones, the kanban system being no exception. Compared to manual kanban systems, kanban software brings a number of benefits, including:

  • higher speed and reliability
  • real-time information and shorter time-to-react
  • a more flexible response to fluctuating customer demand
  • using historical data analysis for improvements

Productoo kanban software

WIP control & planning optimization

The Productoo ecosystem provides a complete digitization of kanban:

  • multilevel automated planning with a number of scenarios
  • a complete control of semi-finished goods thanks to kanban loop dashboard
  • automatic material replenishment
  • smart detailed scheduling/sequencing
  • internal logistics control (line feeding, picking, shipment)

Production floor connection

Real-time replenishment

The Digital Workstation serves as the source of real-time data about production progress. This means that material replenishment can be triggered automatically, the moment a part is consumed. The entire process is therefore much faster than a paper kanban system.

  • manual or automatic declaration (part consumption)
  • ERP, MES and other 3rd party software integration
  • digital andon
Optimize your production to meet customer demand; only produce what is required and when. That's the essence of lean manufacturing - and that's what Productoo kanban software can do for you.

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