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Food and Beverage manufacturing

Food and Beverage companies need lean solutions that will help them to optimize and trace their production, reduce inventory and stay compliant with strict safety and quality regulations.


Benefits Cost efficiency, high quality standards

Batch traceability & visibility

Digitize your value streams! See the current status and track the lifecycle of any batch with connection to other processes. Have relevant data in no time.

Lead time reduction

Track and analyze your manufacturing process, identify your bottlenecks (such as unnecessary waiting) and reduce lead time by up to 40%.

Lower inventory costs

Don't have cash tied up in inventory! Monitor your stocks, identify potential inventory overflow and optimize your production.

Fast reactions to deviations

You are notified of any issues instantly, which means you can react and prevent problems from escalating. Have the right data to make the right decisions!

Main principles Digital manufacturing for the food and beverage industry

Lean production with complete traceability

Traceability, high inventory costs and quality adherence represent the challenges in the food and beverage industry. That's why we have designed the production tracking module, which provides you with the entire digital value stream map from material receiving to invoicing. Thanks to full manufacturing process visibility, it’s easy to identify bottlenecks in your production, optimize material flow and reduce inventory. Real-time data allows you to react quickly and prevent issues from escalating.

Compliance with safety and quality regulations

Productoo solutions meet the highest food and beverage safety standards. The tracking module has passed the WAST testing and has been approved to be used in the food and beverage industry. Moreover, the solution allows to track the product quality throughout the manufacturing process.

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Customer story Mondelez

Mondelez is a top-tier global food and beverage manufacturer. When the client's representatives approached us, they were facing several challenges, namely a maintenance planning and execution within the production process. They lacked a digital tool that would provide them with relevant insights into their manufacturing maintenance process which could be used for further improvements.

Productoo Maintenance concept which includes maintenance planning as well as mobile execution provides the opportunity to analyze the weak points of the whole production/maintenance process and design the optimal software flow. The solution is easy to understand and symbiotic with the already running SAP operations.

Solutions Digital tools for food and beverage production

Production tracking

Transparency and visibility of your value streams

  • realtime tracking with instant batch status updates

  • door-to-door process monitoring: from material receiving to invoicing

  • complete batch lifecycle visualisation

Reporting & historical data analysis

Flexible reporting tool, valuable data

  • statistical data in a few clicks

  • lead times reports with production time breakdown

  • basis for process optimization and improvement

Real-time data input

Track & trace your production every step of the way!

  • production declaration

  • relevant information for operators (documents, instructions)

  • instant issue reporting, comments

  • tracking KPIs related to lead time, quality and more

Planning optimization

Improve your planning based on real data!

  • automated planning and detailed scheduling with material availability

  • real-time status updates

  • customer deliveries management

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