Production tracking

Track & trace your inventory, understand your value streams.

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How well do you actually know your value streams? If you have the right information about the manufacturing process, you can make the right decisions. Production Tracking software by Productoo gives you the transparency you need.

Bottleneck identification

Map your value streams and see where your bottlenecks are. Production Tracking module provides you with a clear overview of your production.

Lead time and inventory reduction

Once you know where you are wasting resources, you can take measures to eliminate the wastes and reduce your lead time and inventory.

Data-driven decision making

Become an agile and efficient decision maker with the right data easily accessible whenever you need them in the Production Tracking module.

Various data sources

The Production Tracking module can use various sources of input data - barcode readers, localization technologies, shopfloor systems (MES) or ERP.

Workstations with detailed information about current production and its progress

The entire production queue can be displayed on demand

Estimated finish time takes into account the current production capacity. Because you're notified of potential delays in advance, you're able to avoid serious issues

Realtime production tracking

Stay on track with your production performance!

  • See where your production orders are at the moment, if everything is going according to plan or if you're falling behind the schedule.

  • You are notified of any potential issues instantly and can react before they escalate.

  • Use RTLS technology to track the physical movement of your materials without any manual input.

All the stages of the manufacturing process. It's possible to display all of them or select a certain range.

All work orders in the selected time range. Red = behind schedule, blue = in advance.

Historical data are easily accessible. You can also look up any individual production item.

A number of filtering options are available.

Door-to-door process monitoring

Get a complete overview of your manufacturing process including stocks!

  • Display your manufacturing process from material receiving to shipment and find out about the status of your production orders in a selected time range.

  • A graph view allows you to identify the bottlenecks in the analyzed range and make informed decisions about improvements.

  • Stay on track also with the non-production aspects of the manufacturing process - such as stocks.

Production item lifecycle with all logged events and relevant details.

The yellow line shows the material flow through the manufacturing process; the blue columns represent waiting times between stages.

Graphs that provide a summary of data from a selected time range are available as well.

Full traceability of the manufacturing process

Track & trace your production items!

  • Follow the entire lifecycle of any production item. All operations and events (including comments) are logged and can be easily checked.

  • Look up any production item and display its workflow including waiting times between stages.

The Gauss curve shows the normal distribution of production time in the selected group of production items.

Lead times chart - each color represents a stage or work center. Waiting times are included as well.

Each report can also be generated in a standard table format and exported as a CSV.

Reporting & historical analysis

Generate detailed reports and historical analyses in a few clicks!

  • A flexible reporting tool allows you to create reports easily and in various forms of charts and graphs.

  • Valuable statistical data help you understand your manufacturing process in great detail.

  • Lead times charts give you a clear overview of the lifecycle of your production items.

Check out the complete overview of features:

Product Advisor Behind great products are great people

Jan Oulehla Process analysis and consulting

Jan's main focus is manufacturing processes in the automotive and phramaceutical industries.

"It's hard to manage manufacturing data from your ERP, MES or quality systems... The Production Tracking tool is a shortcut to all these data. It gives you the chance to learn from them and eliminate bottlenecks in your production from raw materials to invoicing."

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Connectivity Connectivity & integration possibilities

Make the most of the Productoo Smart Factory Suite and consider implementing it with the other parts of the ecosystem!

Digital Workstation

Use the Digital Workstation as a source of data! Track material flow based on the initiation and declaration of certain operations/stages.

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Production planning

Production Tracking provides you with valuable information about your production. This allows you to optimize your planning using the planning module.

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Factory Cockpit

Get an instant overview of your value stream in the digital twin of you factory! Set up which information is relevant for you and get real-time notifications.

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Internal logistics

Make sure your material is always at the right place and the right time - based on the plan as well as current production status.

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Maintenance management

Good asset health is an essential part of production optimization processes. Check out the CMMS module for more information.

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3rd party software integration

Connect the production tracking module to your ERP system and keep your data synchronized. Use UWB/RFID technology or barcode readers to track material movements.

Find out more about how the Production Tracker can give you all the right information!

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