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Introduction ERP for the complete digitization of manufacturing. Industry 4.0 isn't just a buzzword!

Manufacturing ERP software is a digital tool which takes care of the planning and management of your resources while respecting the specifics of the manufacturing industry. It helps manage work order creation, production planning and scheduling, shopfloor distribution, production declaration, production stock management, raw materials purchasing, internal logistics management, shipment monitoring, reporting and more. Check out the manufacturing ERP by Productoo!

Production planning

From MPS to detailed scheduling

Long-term as well as detailed planning based on production orders or electronic kanban, reflecting actual production capacity and availability enables to create a precise plan that can be realized with respect to the potential maximum utilization of all the assets in the routing. The plan is continuously evaluated by comparing it with the finished production. Additionally, a number of factors affecting production efficiency are identified, e.g. micro-stoppages and deviations in takt. Supports different production strategies such as MTO, MTS, etc. Covers the whole process of multi-level production from semi finished goods to assembly lines. With an advanced AI tool that supports several planning scenarios!

Production tracking & reporting

Inventory track & trace, historical analyses

An advanced BI for detailed production tracking and analysing the efficiency of production and non-production asset utilization. It allows you to use multiple data sources, e.g. material movement in your ERP (SAP), production declaration, production line takt, IoT signals received from assets, MES or an OPC server.  Reporting with a detailed analysis of all possible asset statuses (production going according to plan, production with takt deviation, rework, regular breaks, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, breakdown). Measured values are compared with master data, which allows for precise planning of all operations. Moreover, you can easily check how your performance is doing over time - just by studying the long-term development of the KPIs. The tool will help you to identify your bottlenecks in production and set up your future target by analysing the whole door to door process.

Shipment monitoring

Real-time truck image monitor

The Truck Image Monitor informs you about all upcoming shipments (including production orders) as well as your expedition history. You can clearly see the progress of the preparation of each outbound / Inbound deliveries. This way you can make sure your goods are ready and shipped (just) in time. Also, it allows you to inform your clients about any expected delays and agree on some new delivery dates thanks to the real-time data monitoring.

Material management

BOM, production stock, spare parts and more

Check materials and their current stock levels in the digital BOM - in a nice, visual form.  Future consumption of material inputs is available at one click. The system gives you alerts in case of current or future estimated material shortage so you can prevent unnecessary production stoppages. Making sure there's enough material prepared at all stages of the manufacturing process is key to a smooth and efficient flow. Line feeders have access to the production plan, see how much material needs to be brought to production lines. A checklist is available for a clear overview of what's left to prepare. All is optimized for tablets so your team can stay mobile and updated on the go. No more missing parts, no more stoppages! Access all the information you need in order to carry out the job flawlessly - whether it is documentation, instructions or a spare parts list. Everything is just one click away. All is done with a seamless ERP integration.

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