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Electronics & Home Appliances

This sector affects billions of people around the world. It is characterized by high-volume production and strict quality requirements. These demands can be met by digitization.


Benefits We have worked for top-tier electronic and home appliances manufacturers and have helped them achieve a fast ROI thanks to:

Automation & acceleration

Increase process reliability and efficiency by automating material and information flow. Connected teams come as a bonus!

Increased production efficiency

Digitization increases production speed and minimizes mistakes. It also allows you to create optimal production plans that respect customer demand and production capacity.

Better inventory management

Have a complete control over your material flow! Higher transparency of the entire value stream allows you to identify bottlenecks and reduce WIP.

Higher quality and accuracy

Paper-based systems provide a lot of space for errors. Go paperless and provide your production teams with user-friendly solutions that help them be more precise and efficient!

Main principles Productoo for electronics & household appliances manufacturing

Lean principles & data-driven improvements

Productoo solutions bring optimization and waste elimination. It doesn't matter how complex your manufacturing process is; our solutions are suitable for all sorts of operations and production strategies. Starting with real-time analytics, we help you identify bottlenecks, optimize your planning and control the entire material flow. Lean manufacturing is all about continuous improvement: Productoo helps you decide on what to improve and how.

High product quality and process reliability

Digitization and automation reduce human involvement as well as the use of paper documents. These are major factors affecting process reliability and product quality. The digitization of manufacturing operations (from planning to the production floor) helps avoid issues such as mixed-up orders, scrap, rework or improper machine operation. Making sure you produce good quality products as efficiently as possible - that's our mission.


Customer story Franke

Franke, a major manufacturer of kitchen equipment and home appliances, requested a solution for detailed daily planning for production lines in its Faber plant in Turkey where they manufacture kitchen hoods. Their biggest challenge was that all workstations worked only in FIFO mode and were dependent on a single final assembly line. There was no possibility to quickly adjust the daily production plan by changing the sequence or pass production orders to other production lines.

Two Productoo modules have been implemented for planning and shopfloor management. The solution is built on top of SAP and also interfaces with 3rd party production counting software. The main added value is the automatic production plan calculation and scheduling based on a given set of rules and combining different types of production orders (customer demand vs. kanban replenishment). The staff have managed to reduce the time needed for planning significantly by automating the process with Productoo.

Solutions Digitization of electronics & home appliances production

Production planning

Automate and optimize your planning!

  • various strategies: assembly-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock

  • multilevel planning based on BOM

  • kanban, dynamic material replenishment

  • artificial planner for detailed scheduling

Production execution

All-in-one interface for paperless production

  • Automatic or manual production declaration

  • Electronic sequencer

  • Digital working instructions

  • Quality and visual check

  • Operator skill matrix

Production tracking

Track & trace your inventory and have access to reports and analyses!

  • Transparency and visibility of business critical data

  • Real-time tracking based on various data inputs

  • Bottleneck identification for process improvement

  • Historical analyses and reports available in a few clicks

Internal logistics

Optimize your material flow based on real-time data!

  • Demand-driven material flow

  • Line feeding and picking with real-time updates

  • Shipment preparation and monitoring

  • WIP reduction and efficient use of resources

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