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The automotive industry is all about high level of process standardization and applying lean principles to enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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Benefits We have spent years working with top automotive suppliers and have helped them achieve significant savings thanks to:

Increased production efficiency

Optimize your planning, transform shopfloor management, save lots of time thanks to automation. Produce faster, better, smarter!

Reduced lead time & WIP

Have a better control over your inventory! Smart, demand-driven planning tools allow you to produce exactly what you need, when you need it - and be efficient from start to finish.

Higher reliability and traceability

Digitized flow is more reliable than paper-based management. Reduce mistakes and track your manufacturing process every step of the way!

Accelerated communication

With all staff having access to one source of truth, information flow and communication are much faster and easier. Connect your teams!

Main principles Lean, flexible tools for automotive suppliers

Lean principles & continuous improvement

Productoo solutions follow lean principles and help automotive suppliers to set out on the path of continuous improvement. You don't need to implement the full scope of the ecosystem. Start with the functionality that fits your current processes (whether it is related to production planning, execution or e.g. internal logistics), and add new modules and features gradually to improve and further standardize your processes.

No process reengineering

We are familiar with most of the processes that automotive manufacturers use. Moreover, our solutions are flexible and highly customizable and can be adjusted to fit multiple production strategies. Therefore, in most cases, there is no need for process reengineering. The software will adapt to you.


Customer story Valeo group

One of the Top 10 automotive suppliers uses Productoo as a global solution for detailed scheduling and execution in 90 production units all around the world. The solution covers an assembly-to-order production strategy and is integrated with SAP to enable an easy exchange of operational data related to production orders. The customer required the solution to automate routine operations, increase their production efficiency while providing an exceptional user experience.

“Productoo has provided us with a standardized group solution for production scheduling and execution as a replacement of our paper-based processes. The software is easy to use and it has helped increase the speed as well as the reliability of our manufacturing. Moreover, since the tool supports just-in-time production strategy, it allows us to maintain less inventory.”

We have delivered digitization projects for other top automotive suppliers:

Solutions Digitization of all production operations

Production and planning

Various strategies are supported:

  • assembly-to-order, make-to-order based on BOM

  • make-to-stock with material replenishment based on forecasting

  • detailed scheduling with automated scenarios and shift management

  • production leveling

Internal logistics

Optimize your material flow and use your warehouse capacity efficiently!

Shopfloor digitization

Stay connected with your production floor! Productoo helps you e.g. with:

Monitoring and reporting

All Productoo modules have flexible reporting tools

  • digital twin for realtime KPI monitoring

  • track & trace - to identify bottlenecks and streamline customer audits

  • mobile app for a quick access to business critical data

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