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From the new normal to the new future

Production Digitization

The New Normal

We live in a world only few of us could imagine at the beginning of the year. Just a few months ago, everything was normal. We lived in a world that we were used to. Then everything changed. And it is not some kind of a bad dream that we eventually wake up from. It is the new normal.

However, the world population wouldn’t be nearing 8 billion, buildings towering 800 metres above the ground wouldn’t be present, and this blog post written on the internet wouldn’t exist if people didn’t learn how to adapt to new, dangerous situations.

It used to be normal in Manufacturing Execution System Domain to distribute and execute the production orders in paper format and execute the production declaration just by barcode reading.


The New Future

And so, several months into this pandemic, we got used to this new normal. And what’s more. We are looking ahead to the new future. Once again, it’s time to adapt.

It’s the same choice that the manufacturers face. They need to reinvent themselves if they want to survive and thrive. Adapting to change is no longer an option. It is a necessity. Companies that stick to the old ways are not only making their position worse. They risk their own survival.



The Benefits of the Modern Productoo Solutions

Having modern solutions that adjust to the current reality is an important investment to ensure the future of your company. We can help you with many challenges such as:


New manufacturing execution system way of work

With experience from more than 150 manufacturing companies that have decided to set up on a journey towards digital transformation with Productoo, we have you covered.

We can’t control the future. But we can always react to the events that happen. It’s in the human nature to adapt. And as history has shown us many times, those who are prepared always hold the advantage.


OEE dashboard with Productoo Digital Manufacturing Workstation

OEE dashboard with Productoo Digital Manufacturing Workstation


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