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Factory Cockpit

Monitor your performance in real time with the digital twin of your plant.

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As a manager, you want to know how your business is doing at all times. What if you could get a complete overview of your factory performance in a few clicks?

Insight into factory performance

Monitor KPIs across all systems in your factory in real time and get an instant access to business critical data. No more searching through a number of sources.

Traceability & transparency

Boost the transparency of your operations and track issues that happened in your absence. Nothing will slip through your fingers every again!

Efficient decision making

Don't waste time searching for the right information. Just log in and see it! Relevant data helps you make better decisions!

High connectivity

Use an API to connect 3rd party software to Factory Cockpit. The module works with almost any data source. Make your life easier!

Subscribe to notifications of your choice and receive them here and in the mobile app.

Follow KPIs related to production lines, work orders, shipment and more.

Andon signalization gives you clear information about the current performance. Red is bad!

Look up any object to get an instant update.

Relevant information, in real time

Stay informed about your operations and results!

  • Factory Cockpit provides you with a nice and clear overview of your entire factory and business critical data (such as OEE) in real time.

  • If anything doesn't go as planned, you receive an instant notification. This way you don't need to worry about anything slipping your attention.

  • A mobile app is available so you'll always be up to speed.

The Time Explorer allows you to go back in time and see the status of your factory operations in the past days.

View dashboards, KPI trend charts and more!

Historical analysis & reporting

Track issues that happened in your absence!

  • Use the Time Explorer to check the historical status of your KPIs. Take a look at your production floor e.g. in the moment certain values reached critical limits.

  • Display trend charts and analyses and get a better understanding of your production process and its bottlenecks.

Add the object by clicking on it and move it to the desired location.

Various objects are available: production and logistics equipment, administrative rooms, expedition areas etc.

Activate the designer mode by clicking on this icon.

Easy customization and set-up

Build your own 3D factory - just like in a computer game!

  • Use predefined objects to customize the layout. Select from a range of available production lines and machines, administrative rooms, logistic, warehouse and expedition equipment and many more!

  • At any given time, select which apps and KPIs you want to monitor and receive only relevant information.

  • Save any selection as a preset and use it whenever you need an easy access to the selected data.

Manage all your connected applications through widgets. You can access the apps directly from Factory Cockpit.

Follow all sorts of KPIs including financials. If there is a data source, we can connect it!

Set up the KPIs and their limits for each connected application so you only get relevant information.

3rd party software connectivity

Integrate Factory Cockpit with your other apps and follow all relevant KPIs!

  • Use Factory Cockpit to monitor all aspects of your manufacturing process by connecting it to various data sources, from planning to execution to machine health to maintenance.

  • Track also data related to warehouses and shipments thanks to WMS or ERP integration.

  • Connect Factory Cockpit to other systems you need to stay on track with the right data!

Check out the complete overview of features:

Product Advisor Behind great products are great people

Jan Melena Product development

Jan is an experienced developer who knows the manufacturing industry and its pain points.

"Factories usually have multiple systems in place with different user interfaces. Factory Cockpit was designed for managers who are too busy to waste time looking for data in these systems. Our aim was to design a tool that offers a bird's eye view of the factory with all the important KPIs."

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Connectivity Connectivity & integration possibilities

Make the most of the Productoo Smart Factory Suite and consider implementing the module with the other parts of the ecosystem!

Production planning

Follow KPIs related to production schedule, orders (delays, lack of material) and other relevant information. Use the data to optimize your planning process!

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Digital Workstation

See how many operators are working, monitor work progress including KPIs such as scrap rate and OEE. Keep in touch with your production floor!

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Internal logistics

Monitor line feeding, picking and expedition operations. Make sure the right material is at the right time and place and reduce your inventory!

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Production tracking

Track and trace your work orders, understand your bottlenecks and start making more informed decisions based on real, valuable data.

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Maintenance management

Keep track of your machine health! Display information about planned maintenance jobs, breakdowns and all other relevant KPIs.

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3rd party software integration

Factory Cockpit is all about connectivity. Integrate the module with 3rd party data sources from ERP to WMS to MES systems - and more. Get in touch with us to discuss that!

Would you like to stay in touch with your business at all times and make decisions more easily?

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