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Factory Cockpit Digital Twin

Training for Productoo partners

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Partner enablement | System integrators Factory Cockpit | Digital Twin by Productoo

As part of our partner enablement program, the course provides a complete overview of the monitoring functionality available in the Productoo 4.0 ecosystem. After the session, you will be able to set up the environment and understand and use all the main features.

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Length and price

Length can be adjusted based on the needs of the attendee. A minimum of 2 hours is recommended.

from 260 EUR

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Pavel Marzini Customer service specialist

At Productoo, we understand the importance of innovation. It is what drives all of us forward. What helps us become leaders. But with so much happening in manufacturing digitization, it might be hard to stay on track. That's why we designed Productoo Academy: to give you the necessary guidance and inspiration. We will never stop learning and growing our know-how. Join us and neither will you!

Digital Twin Software Training and real-life use cases: Training for Productoo Partners

A training for system integrators focused on Factory Cockpit, the digital twin software of a plant for performance monitoring. Get to know the benefits, functionality and learn all about customization.

We have prepared for you several use cases related to digital manufacturing and its real-life demonstration with the software like:

Digital Twin | Factory management software

Digital Twin in real life manufacturing | Factory management software


In order to accomplish successful Digital Twin implementation there are several elements which have to be orchestrated together:


Who will guide the digital twin software training?

The knowledge and experience is delivered by consultants and expert which passed international project for the biggest manufacturing enterprises in Automotive, Pharmaceuticals or Oil industry.

We have also created a model of Lean & Digital manufacturing workplace and designed the processes according to the best practices in the accros the industries.


Training made to measure

You can send us request for the training tailored to your current needs. Thanks to our global knowledge across several manufacturing industries, we can design the training exactly to your expectations.

During the training you will see real examples of the software solutions of Digital Workstation & Digital Twin. You can also test for example the Short Term Production Planning tools related to Digital manufacturing.


What you receive during and after the training


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