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Design and optimization of a lean workplace

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Course Design and optimization of a lean workplace

Training in production processes is led only by managers or entrepreneurs with more than 10+ years of real experience in building companies, teams, and organizations. The focus of these tutors is purely practical, we omit the "academic" approach and go directly to your real problems when you are not the first in the world with this problem and you can be inspired by how someone else has already solved this problem (successfully).

Who is it for?
Length and price

The course is organized as a 1-day or 2-day workshop, which is ideally preceded by 1/2 day preparation tailored to the situation and problems of the company or team.

The price is set by agreement.

Garant Point of contact

Pavel Marzini Customer service specialist

At Productoo, we understand the importance of innovation. It is what drives all of us forward. What helps us become leaders. But with so much happening in manufacturing digitization, it might be hard to stay on track. That's why we designed Productoo Academy: to give you the necessary guidance and inspiration. We will never stop learning and growing our know-how. Join us and neither will you!

You will gain a wealth of real-life experience from large multinational companies from consultants and managers who have gone through dozens of lean workplace management.


Lean workplace management in manufacturing company

We will show you solutions supported by classic paper and boards tools or also the cutting-edge solution from the digital era.


Digital Workstation in Production Planning and Execution

Digital Workstation in Production Planning and Execution


Who will guide the lean workplace management training?

The knowledge and experience is delivered by consultants and expert which passed international project for the biggest manufacturing enterprises in Automotive, Pharmaceuticals or Oil industry.

We have also created a model of Lean workplace and designed the processes according to the best practices in the accros the industries.


Production Digitization with Productoo Software

Production Digitization with Productoo Software


Training made to measure

You can send us request for the training tailored to your current needs. Thanks to our global knowledge accros several manufacturing industries, we can design the training exactly to your expectations.

During the training you will see real examples of the software solutions of Lean Workstation like for example Productoo Digital Workstation. You can also test for example the Short Term Production Planning tools related to Lean manufacturing.


What you receive during and after the training

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