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4 Examples of the Digital Twin Use Cases

4 Examples of the Digital Twin Use Cases


In one of our previous posts we have discussed the possibility of managing the factory as if you were in a game. In this post, I would like to give you an example of 4 use cases for the Digital Twin of your plant, the Factory Cockpit.

As you probably already know, the Factory Cockpit allows you to monitor your performance in real time. Let’s have a closer look at some of the advantages.



1) Easier management your notifications 

All the Production and Maintenance notifications are available at one place. All users can instantly see the emerging notifications and take appropriate actions.

Benefits: Increased speed of Decision making

Who will benefit: Everyone from Plant Managers through Maintenance Planners to Shift Leaders.


2) Faster and Easier Meeting Preparations

All users can instantly select and track the KPIs (key performance indicators). You can simply select them from the list. You can also create custom presets that are saved for future need.

Benefits: Significant time savings. Easy access to data you need.

Who will benefit: Plant Managers, Production Team, Shift Leaders


3) Staff Management

Allows you to manage your Human resources along the production plant.

Benefits: You can instantly see all the information and notifications about allocation of operators, their performance, staffing and training levels.

Who will benefit: Plant Managers, Shift Leaders, Production Line Leaders


4) Plant Tours and Staff Training

You can make a great impression on your visitors and show them around your plant in and organized and interesting way. You can use the Factory Cockpit to train your staff as well.

Benefits: All visitors and new staff can have a clear overview of the production plant. Factory layout can be used to provide better understanding about the processes in your production.

Who will benefit: Everyone


The above 4 examples illustrates only few of many possible uses of the Factory Cockpit. If you are interested in a more detailed presentation about the use cases, you can contact us.

Visit our Factory Cockpit page on our website to learn more about the software or book a demo. You can also download a brochure here.


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