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What to Buy, When to Buy it. What to Build, When to Build it ?

Productoo manufacturing software

Productoo 4.0 Answers ALL of these questions!

If you need to plan your production and purchasing activities weeks, months, even years in advance, you’ll want to license Productoo 4.0. You can create a comprehensive Master Production Plan with only a few mouse clicks that analyzes the existing inventory in the sense of open buying orders, work orders, manufacturing orders,and more. Recognize imminent shortages when there’s still time to act. Manufacturing has never been more transparent.

Your business demands specialized knowledge. That’s why it’s important to choose a technology partner who not only concentrates on building flexible, leading-edge manufacturing software solutions, but who also has experience delivering results for companies in your particular industry and with in-depth knowledge of your industry Productoo 4.0 can help you achieve success.

Whether manufacturing to order or to stock, using discrete or process methods; engineering to order; or building large project-based assets, Productoo 4.0’s outstanding flexibility ensures a comprehensive set of tools to help you plan, record, track and control your output. With the option of deploying on premise or in the cloud, or both, and accessed via the web on any device, anywhere, anytime, Productoo 4.0 easily enables you to run a smart factory.


Productoo 4.0 can help your organization operate more effectively by:


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