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Extraordinary (really great) User Experience

The Smart Factory Software Suite by Productoo receives great feedback from the Users about its usage. Every single process and button is designed to be handled easily, fast and by your finger.


Digital Twin | Factory management software

Digital Twin | Factory management software


What functionality is covered by Smart Factory Suite?

There are 3 main domains covered:

  1. Production Planning & Scheduling
  2. Plant Maintenance (CMMS software)
  3. Virtual Factory (Managing real factory as a game from bird’s eye view).


Do you want to see a short video?

At our YouTube Productoo channel you can find several videos about how smart factory software Productoo. We describe how we implement is and how the functionality works.

Here you can find a short video grouping the main Productoo functionality:


Dramatic Time savings for your colleagues

We have real feedback from the Productoo users that for example:

  1. Execute the production scheduling within 5 minutes instead of 4 hours.
  2. Immediately identify the Equipment / Production line by using their smartphone
  3. Play with the shopfloor layout to optimize the processes and material flow


Smart factory software for Global deployment

The Productoo software suite is designed to be easily and fast deployed anywhere worldwide. This is possible thanks to facts like: installation within a few daystranslation to any new language within 24 hours or very smooth connection to other ERP or MES systems.

And above all it is very intuitive to use the software. Therefore it takes only few hours to get familiar with the usage.


Mobile App involved

All the Productoo Apllications are connected to Productoo Mobile App. This mobile app you can download for iOS or Android platform. It is very easy to use it and you can have the whole factory in your pocket then.

All the Alerts and Warning are distributed to your Mobile app by Push Notifications (if you wish). Otherwise you just simply touch the icon in your Smartphone and see easily what is going on at the factory shopfloor.

Productoo Mobile App

Productoo Mobile App

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