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Maintenance Management SoftwareComprehensive solution that increases efficiency, reduces downtime, and optimizes maintenance costs.

Thanks to advanced features such as maintenance scheduling, equipment condition monitoring, and automation of work orders, Productoo enables more efficient management of maintenance activities and better data utilization. Moreover, integration into broader corporate systems and support for decision-making processes makes Productoo an ideal solution for companies seeking to digitize their maintenance operations.

maintenance management with productoo

Maintenance management with PRODUCTOOKey features, benefits, and application examples

More efficient asset utilization

Focus on preventive maintenance and keep your assets in good condition. Benefits? Fewer downtimes, higher production efficiency, and longer asset lifecycle.

Immediate response

Immediately report issues and shorten response time! CMMS software increases the speed of the entire process and facilitates work order management.

Availability and traceability

Whether you are a maintenance manager or technician, getting the right information takes only a few seconds. Monitor the status and duration of the task, consumption of spare parts, staff availability, and more.

Communication with IS and machines

Integrate the solution with third-party software (such as ERP system) and synchronize all necessary information through API. Connection to machinery is also possible.

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Examples of the use of digitized maintenanceHow maintenance increases production efficiency through fault prediction, regular checks, and quick repairs.

Preventive maintenance

Example of use

In a manufacturing plant for automotive components, repeated failures on a pressing machine caused delays in production. The maintenance manager introduced a regular preventive inspection program, during which key components of the machine were inspected and changed if necessary before potential failure. This measure significantly reduced unplanned downtime and increased production efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Example of use

An energy company deployed sensors on turbines for fault prediction. Thanks to the analysis, which revealed unusual vibrations, the maintenance engineer could schedule repairs during planned downtime before serious damage occurred. This proactive action helped avoid costly and extensive repairs outside of normal operations.

Corrective maintenance

Example of use

When an unexpected failure of the band saw occurred in a small furniture manufacturing company, halting the entire production line, the maintenance operators team was immediately mobilized. Maintenance experts got to work and managed to repair the machine and restart production in record time. Thanks to their quick and coordinated response and expertise in corrective maintenance, production was resumed with minimal losses, saving time and money for the company and maintaining its commitment to customers.

Condition-based maintenance

Example of use

In an electronics manufacturing company, the condition of soldering machines was monitored using temperature sensors. Whenever the system recorded temperatures outside the normal range, maintenance was carried out to prevent unnecessary wear or damage. This approach allowed the machines to be kept in excellent condition without wasting resources on unnecessary repairs.

Urgent maintenance

Example of use

In a food processing company, a sudden failure of the cooling system during a critical phase of production occurred. The maintenance team had to intervene immediately to repair the system and prevent the loss of a large amount of production. Thanks to the well-prepared team and efficient intervention, the system was quickly repaired, minimizing the impact on production.

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Productoo represents an ideal solution for the digitization of maintenance in manufacturing, integrating key aspects such as preventive and predictive maintenance, CMMS software, maintenance management, and scheduling. With features for smart management, energy efficiency, safety, records, and training, Productoo reduces maintenance costs and increases productivity. IoT and automation provide precise condition-based maintenance, ensuring maximum equipment utilization. With Productoo, you gain complete maintenance management, enabling you to transition to the most advanced maintenance practices.