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Factory management software like a PC game

Digital Twin | Factory management software

Is it possible to manage a factory like in a Game? With SAP data involved? YES!

Probably some Plant managers have been dreaming of having their factory management software really Smart. And probably one of the ideas was: Could I ever manage my Production, Plant Maintenanceand Supply Chain like in a Game?

Why not if there are a lot of more complicated games my sons play every day? Actually here is the answer of year 2020: Productoo 4 with Factory Cockpit. It is a SAP connected smart factory software (or Industry 4.0, as you wish).




Factory management software | Digital Twin

Factory management software | Digital Twin


Designed for Fortune 500 Leaders.


Is it fully connected with SAP?

Yes, it is. Fully, back and forth.


How it works?

1) Just by Drag & Drop you design the layout of your Plant (Shopfloor). It means Production lines, Equipments, Shipping area etc.

2) Then (or before) we connect it to your SAP, MES, other Productoo modules like Plant Maintenance or Production Planning.

3) You just use it. Anywhere on any device. You can see the:

  • performance of your production,
  • breakdowns of your equipments
  • OEE
  • notifications and work orders
  • all KPIs you defined
  • and much more …


How to get more information about that?

Please visit the Factory Cockpit module or email us at office@productoo.com, we have several information not shown on web, we only send them by email (Technical specifications, SAP connection details, MES connection options, IoT options etc., Pricing etc.)

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