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Car Dashboard vs. Software Dashboard

Tesla Dashboard

Evolution of a car dashboard vs. evolution of a software dashboard

Most of us are car drivers. We get used to the fact that to get from a place A to a place B a car is needed and to drive a car several actions, skills and time is also required. In order to operate such a thing like a car you have to know how the car works and which information is shared with you on the car’s dashboard.

Sometimes it could be a bit frustrating. For a few simple operations (speed, radio, air conditioning) you have several dozen of buttons and control lights.

Car Interior


What if you need more sophisticated functionality but with less effort to understand and operate a car?

In the recent years a car has evolved into a moving computer or let’s say a moving living room. Therefore you need many more things to set, use and understand. The nice sweet point is that manufacturers like Tesla evolved the car’s dashboard into a simple (no excessive buttons, no extra lights) and user friendly dashboard.

And they can do it in a car which:


Tesla Dashboard

Tesla Dashboard


How to paraphrase it into the software industry?

In the software industry we also try to create more sophisticated and complex functionality for the users. However we don’t have to forget that the final decision maker (the driver) is a human being and he or she should be capable of understanding what is going on and how to influence any changes if needed. But just in case it is needed.

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