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Avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy in manufacturing

Bureaucracy level

The increased level of bureaucracy since 1950

According to several researches, opinions and scientific studies the level of bureaucracy (unnecessary paperwork let me say) has dramatically risen since World War II. And in all spheres of society:

unnecessary bureaucracy

Bureaucracy has risen since 1950 in the U.S. government



The same is for example mentioned by economic anthropologist David Graeber who also influenced several of today’s younger scientists and researchers on the field of economy.

unnecessary bureaucracy

Bureaucracy level


Direct impact of bureaucracy to the manufacturing area

Let’s take a simple picture of manufacturing 100 years ago. The manufacturing companies were simpler, smaller and the produced products were simpler. There were lower number of people involved in the process.

We could say that as a manufacturer you received the order (in many cases just by shaking hands) and then you produced for example a shirt. Then you handed it over to the customer and received the money.

And if you wanted to increase your manufacturing capacity you just hired more people who were able to create a shirt.


Then something has changed

In the last 50 years the pace of growth of work which secures the running of other work(ers) has outpaced the growth of other occupations. In other words we are more and more forced to execute work which is not to produce, which is designed to:

the manufacturing (and others) work.


How it is linked to manufacturing execution and software

It means that in the recent 50 years we somehow accepted the status quo that it is normal to:

So none of that is manufacturing. None of that is adding direct value to the product.


What if I want to change that

How to revert the trend of involving more and more unnecessary bureaucracy into the manufacturing processes?

We have been thinking about that hundreds of hours in our offices, at the customer’s factories and with the contribution of several universities.

Therefore we found out we have to create completely new approach to how the Manufacturing software should work. Completely different to what the status quo is.


We kept to these crucial prerequisites:


What came out of it

We are still at the beginning, but right know you have an option. An option to choose software which allows you:


Production Scheduling | Short Term production planning

Production planning and execution


Digital workstation at the shopfloor of manufacturing plant

Digital workstation at the shopfloor of manufacturing plant


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