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Production Planning and Control Systems

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Course Production Planning and Control Systems

Push, pull, kanban... do you want to understand these concepts once and for all? This course will give you an overview of basic production planning and control systems as well as rules for their implementation. You will learn how to evaluate and select a suitable system for production control to be implemented in a specific part of the production process.

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1 day (8 hours) = theory

2 days (16 hours) = theory + lean simulations of production situations / practical examples

from 590 EUR

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Pavel Marzini Customer service specialist

At Productoo, we understand the importance of innovation. It is what drives all of us forward. What helps us become leaders. But with so much happening in manufacturing digitization, it might be hard to stay on track. That's why we designed Productoo Academy: to give you the necessary guidance and inspiration. We will never stop learning and growing our know-how. Join us and neither will you!

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